Females who rocked it at Trekking since 1931

It has been a taboo for a long time around the globe that men are stronger than women and are not enough capable of going on treks. Over the years many women have changed this idea and broke this stereotype like river breaks rocks. Trekking is a very strenuous activity and requires a lot of fitness but with a strong determination, nothing can get in your way. So girls who aspire to get lost in the mountainous wild get ready to be inspired by these badass women.

Read their stories and fearlessly go on treks like Kedarkantha Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, Roopkund Trek, Rupin Pass Trek and many more:

  1. Bachendri Pal

           Bachendri Pal is a mountain climber who left a mark on the world by becoming the First Indian lady to achieve the summit of Mount Everest in 1984. She understood she needed to be a trekker at twelve years old when she alongside her companions scaled a 13,123 ft mountain on a school outing. From that time on, she knew her future lay in trekking on the most astounding of mountains

  1. Arunima Sinha

           She is an inspiration to the whole world. She is the first female amputee to climb Mt Everest. Arunima is the woman of metal and even after losing a leg due to an unfortunate accident. It did not stop her and her determination took her to the highest point on earth.

  1. Bhakti Sharma

         Bhakti Sharma, an Indian open swimmer, set a world record in the world of swimming when she swam 1.4 miles in 52 minutes in the freezing waters of the Antarctic Ocean (at a temperature of 1°C). She turned into the youngest and first Asian lady to achieve this.

  1. Premlata Agarwal

      Another Indian lady who dumbfounds every one of us with her remarkable accomplishments is Premlata Agarwal. Premlata just got inspired by mountaineering at 35 years old. In a meeting with Bachendri Pal, she concluded that she needed to partake in trekking and took a fundamental mountaineering course. In 2011, she climbed Mount Everest.

The most amazing part of this list is these women are just common folks. They belong to humble background yet they stunned everyone.  It does not take a mountain to move another, determination and the love for nature is all you need to reach the top.


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