“And Love Happened” How Couple Met on Treks

People might not believe but treks are very romantic nature. They have this spark and lost feeling which brings souls together. Walking through woods where you will have no one else but yourselves no matter what happens is very exciting though for many. Struggling through rough terrain and fighting with inhabitable temperatures does bring people close. And that when love happens, you struggle together, look after each other back and make it to the top.

Here are few romantic stories that happened on the treks we took and it turned out to be something bigger and amazing for these people:

She carried my bag- Nitin Sharma

So I went on Kedarkantha Trek. I was a first-time trekker at that time. We had to carry bags weighing around 7-8 kgs (which is a lot of kgs to carry). It was a week-long trek and became super strenuous soon for me. So on the third day, it almost became impossible for me to go up. So there was this girl called Payal in our group. She came up to me and offered to help me carry, my bag (basically took my bag and carried it alongside her bag). Looking at my condition even the guide asked me to take the offer. Then we started walking together, she was sweet girl and love happened.

We always had the same answer- Shipra Singh

I recently went on the Brahmatal Trek, it is a simple trek and I have been trekking for quite some time. This was my second time on Har Ki Dun. So we had a group of 8 people total. On the trek, you come across many opportunities to wander and explore the area or maybe divert your trek a little bit to get to see various treks. But it increases the trekking distance because we have to always come back on the trek. Not every trekker wants to do it all the time. On this trek, there was a guy called Rishab. It was almost jinxed everytime any such occasion would come we would say “Yes!” together. And this was the starting of our journey from where one day we did “Yes!” Together with each other just like all the other times.

We had a connection- Anil Solanki

I never expected to meet someone on a trek. But God has plans that none of us understands. I was on the Har Ki Dun Trekking. And our tour assembled at Sankri he was the first one to speak to me. Being an introvert I felt good. Naturally, I grew a fondness for him. But then I was scared because he might not have had same preferences like me so I kept quiet. We exchanged numbers and stayed in touch. Finally one day I gathered up all my courage and confronted him. And he smiled and said, “I was so scared to ask you the same question”. I must say thanks to Travel Banjare for this trek.


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