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Overview Of Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous treks in India. It is also one of the most popular treks in India. Trekkers from all over the world come here for this trek. The whole experience is unique when it comes to "Chadar Trek". The environment, the ambience, the temperature, the difficulties and everything else is very unique. This experience is not comparable to any other trek in India. The scenic beauty that you will come across on this trek heavenly and one seeing it with your own eyes will justify what we want to convey. The trek starts from Leh.
Chadar Trekking will require trekkers with some experience. Though the trail is not very steep yet walking over the frozen river in unfathomable temperature is takes trekking to next level. The trail goes through barren land and it is very important to be completely prepared for any situation.
Chadar Trekking Cost is a little high compared to any other treks but the amount of preparation required and the experience compensates for it all. We at Travel Banjare try to keep it to the minimum so that more and more people can appreciate the vastness of nature. Chadar Trekking Package includes everything that will be required in the cold desserts of Leh, to make sure that trekkers can survive the intense weather.

Chadar Trek
  • Region :J&K
  • DIFFICULTY :Difficult
  • AVERAGE TEMPERATURE :-10degree celsius to -35degree celsius

Your Package Includes

  • All meals from Day 1 dinner to Day 8 lunch (includes 4 meals/day plus Hot chocolates, Green tea, fruits)
  • Trekking euipments(Gaitors, Crampons, Tents, Sleeping bag with Liner, Mattresses, Ice Axe, Kitchen tent , Dining Tent)
  • Safety Equipments with First Aid Kit and Oxygen Cylinder.
  • Trekking permits and forest camping charges.
  • Services of experienced trek guide with 14+ years of experience and services of experienced Cook, Helpers, Porters/Mules.

Trek Per Person

Rs. 24000/-

(Leh to Leh) +5%GST

Why Travel Banjare

  • We believe in the concept of small batches with proper safety equipments.
  • We have a team of certified, qualified and experienced team of trek leader and guides.
  • We provide Service of experienced Cook, Helpers, Porters/Mules.
  • We are equipped with best quality equipment with certified first aid support and emergency evacuation plan.
  • We believe in the concept of Green trail by disposing all our trash in our campsites so that we literally leave no trace on our campsites.
  • Our aim is to improve the welfare of local people.
Short Itinerary

Day1 : Fly to Leh (11,400 ft).

Day 2 : Drive to Chilling and trek to Tilat Sumdo(10,390 ft)

Day 3 : Tilad Do to Shingra Koma.(10,550 ft)

Day 4 : Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave (10,760 ft)

Day 5 : Tibb cave to Naerak camp( 11,150 ft).

Day 6 : Naerak to Tibb cave .

Day 7 : Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma.

Day 8 : Shingra Koma to Tilad Do and drive to Leh.

Day 9 : Depart from Leh.

Available Dates

Day 1: Fly to Leh (11,400 ft).

Land at Leh. The winters in Leh are very cold. So, keep yourself warm by putting on proper warm clothes. Overnight stay in guesthouse.

Day 2: Drive to Chilling(65 Kms) and trek to TilatSumdo( 2Kms, 1 Hr)

After breakfast, we will drive to Chilling which is around 65Kms from Leh. Drive a few kms ahead of chilling & get down. The trek begins from here. Todays overnight stay is in camps at TilatSumdo for which we have to trek for around 2Kms.

Day 3: Tilad Do to ShingraKoma.(10Kms).

The biggest challenge for the trek is to face the freezing temperature. Our next camp ShingraKoma is 10 kms& trek will take 5-6 hours.

Day 4: ShingraKoma to Tibb Cave (14Kms).

After breakfast,todays stretch of the Chadar Trek is around 14 km. Our destination for the day is Tibb Cave. Tibb Cave is big cave which provides shelter. Overnight stay at Tibb Cave.

Day 5: Tibb cave to Naerakcamp( 12.5 Kms).

Today you will be walking near the river you crossed. The porters give you a twig of Juniper tree tied with a piece of prayer flag as a badge of good-luck and good-health. A few steps away you will see the frozen waterfalls – a huge instance of suspended animation several feet tall and equally wide. You can find different colours in frozen falls as there will be sunlight touching it down. Right next to the waterfall is a bridge across the river which is a part of the summer-time road from Zanskar to Leh. The Naerak village lies several feet above the river, a vigorous hour-long trek can take you to the village if you want to see the life of a Zanskari. The camp is set up close to the river.

Day 6: Naerak to Tibb cave.(12.5Kms)

Will head back to tibb cave

Day 7: Tibb Cave to ShingraKoma( 14 Kms)

Will head back to shingrakoma

Day 8: ShingraKoma to Tilad Do and drive to Leh(10 Kms)

Will head back to tilad do

Day 9: Depart from Leh.

Depart from Leh.




As we gain higher altitude, the air becomes thinner. To overcome this we need to develop our aerobic fitness. The more fitter you are, you will enjoy more during the trek.


Difficulty- Difficult.

1: For cardiovascular endurance, begin jogging atleast 1 month before the trek.

2: For strength do squats, push ups.

Fitness Bechmark: Jog/Run for 4-5 Kms in 30 mins. Remember always start your training program with stretching and warm up exercises.


Things to carry durring trek

Things to carry durring trek



Bassic necessities:


        1) Backpack (Min 60 Ltrs) with Rain Cover

        2) Trekking Shoes. (Quechua Forclaz 500 M Wenge Men Hiking Boots (43))
        3) Gum boots

        4) 4 Pairs of Full sleeve shirts/T-Shirt and Track Pants (1 should be


        5) 4 Pair of cotton socks. 3 pairs of woolen socks.

        6) 2 Full Sleeve Sweater (Quechua Forclaz 50 Fleece, Men’s Large (Black))

        7) One Heavy Down Jacket (Quechua Warm Down Ski Jacket, XXL (Black)

        8) Thermal Inner -2 Pair

        9) 2 pair water proof hand gloves

       10) 2 Pair woolen Gloves

       11) Sun Cap

       12) One Scarf

       13) Light towel

       14) Lip Balm

       15) Cold Cream & Sun Screen (SPF 40+)

       16) Water Bottle 1 Lt (Thermos Preferable)

       17) Headlamp or torch with fresh pair of batteries

       18) Personal Toilet Kit and toilet paper

       19) Personal Medicine Kit

      20) Dark Sunglasses (U/V protected)

       21) Walking Stick (At least one)

 22) People who were spectacles- Should avoid contact lenses and use use photo chromatic           glasses instead.


The base camp of Chadar trek is Leh. During winters, Leh can only be reached by flights. All flights to leh in the winter are in the morning.


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