1What is Cric22?

Cric22 is the growing sports session of aptitude and skills offering a single-match fantasy cricket to an ever-increasing customer-base!

2How can I register?
Registering with Cric22 is as easy as it seems! You could register by filing a valid email id and setting a password or you could tap on “Instant Connect with Facebook” to register with your Facebook account or ‘Instant Connect with Google’ to register with your Google account.
3Why am I unable to login to my account?
Try checking if your registered email id and password are entered accurately and try signing in once more. In the event that you've forgotten your password, tap on 'Forgot Password' and enter your enlisted email ID to receive a link to reset your password within a couple of minutes! On the off chance that you've forgotten your registered email id, connect with us at Contact Us.
4 How can I change my password?
When you are signed in, go to 'My Profile', select 'Change Password' and tap on 'Save Changes'.
5 How many Fantasy cricket team can I make with the same email Id?
You can make only a single account with one email id on Cric22. Creating numerous accounts by a single gamer is strictly disallowed and it violates our FairPlay strategy.
6I don't know much about cricket – would I still be able to play?
In the event that you are not very sure about cricket related knowledge, don't stress! You can increase some profitable experience and learning as you play more of Fantasy Cricket. You can likewise look at our Cric22 'Master' to pick up a better understanding of the matches and players. You can rehearse with the Free Leagues prior to partaking in the Cash and private leagues.
7 How do I choose my team?
Sign in to your Cric22 account and tap on the 'Create Team' button for the match you need to join. Make your group of 11 players (counting a Captain and Vice-Captain) within a spending budget of 100 credits from every one of the players in the match. For more information, please visit our 'Help' section.