Har Ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun means Valley of Gods is best suitable for first-time trekkers in the
Himalayas and also who are experienced in other parts of Himalayas. Har Ki Dun Trek
gives you the magnificent views of famous peaks of Swargarohini, Bandar Poonch, Kala
Nag or Black peak and Har Ki Dun peak itself. Owing to its isolation, the area is a
paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.This is a place where you can find Trees of
Bhojpatra flower Bramhakamal. Swargarohini and Jaundar Glacier are in the south-east
of Har-ki-dun. Towards the west you can see Bandar Punch peak.

Day 1: Arrive at Sankri (2,000m).

Day 2: Sankri (2,000m) – Taluka(12 Kms by road)- Trek to Osla (2860m).

Day 3: Trek from Osla to Kalkattiyadhaar (2950m).

Day 4: Trek from Kalkattiyadhar to Har Ki Dun (3600m) and back to Kalkattiyadhar.

Day 5: Trek back o Pauni Garrat from Kalkattiyadhar.

Day 6: Trek from Pauni Garrat-Taluka- Drive from Taluka-Sankri.

Day 7: Drive to Dehradun.
  • Day 1 Arrive at Sankri (6,450 ft)

    Arrive Sankri which is around 8-9 hours drive from Dehradun. The drive to Sankri takes
    you through Mussoorie, Purola, Mori, Netwar alongside the Yamuna and Tons River.
    The drive also passes by beautiful pine forests. Overnight stay in guesthouse in Sankri.
  • Day 2 Sankri (2,000m) – Taluka(12 Kms by road)- Trek to Osla (2860m)

    After breakfast in Sankri, we will drive from Sankri to Taluka in a taxi. Taluka is the
    starting point of the trek. The trek distance is around 15 kms and will take around 5-7
    hrs. Today, you will trek through the lush green valley covered with wild orchids of
    Himalayas. The trail from Taluka village initially descends and then continues gradually
    on the true left of the valley adjoining the river Rupin.Later the trail goes through thick
    forests of chestnuts, walnuts, willows, chinars and a variety of conifer trees, with a few
    waterfalls on the way and by late afternoon reach Osla village. Osla village is fameous
    for its exceptional architecture and the most striking structure being the Durtodhana
    temple topped with a pair of carved peacocks. Overnight stay in homestays at Osla village.
  • Day 3 Trek from Osla to Kalkattiyadhaar(2950m)

    After breakfast at Osla, we will start our journey towards Kalkattiyadhaar through the
    thick forests of Govind National Park which is a pristine landscape with a wonderful mixture
    of flora & fauna.Today, the the total trekking distance is of around 4-5 hrs.Overnight stay in camps
    at Kalkattiyadhaar
  • Day 4 Trek from Kalkattiyadhar to Har Ki Dun (3600m) and back to Kalkattiyadhar

    Today, we will start early as the total treking distance is of around 10kms, The trail will go into
    the glacier basin having moraines and alpine meadows. Tall pine trees will be greeting you at every step.
    The trail is mixed of steep and moderate ascend until the Har Ki Dun valley. Just as you rise high you
    can see snow patches and frozen waterfalls. In Winter these sections are covered with thick snow.
    A valley is a heavenly place displaying immense beauty in one sight. The huge peaks of Swargarohini,
    Hata Peak, Black Peak etc show their marvelling glimpses. The valley is an amazing amalgamation of
    meadows, frozen streams, coniferous forests, glacier moraines, the backdrop of huge peaks.
    Overnight stay at camps in Kalkattiyadhaar.
  • Day 5 Trek back to Pauni Garrat from Kalkattiyadhar

    We will head back to the Pauni Garaat by the same route via Osla and today the trail is downhill and
    easy one. Reach Pauni Garrat campsite and overnight stay in camps.
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The base camp of kedarkantha trek is Sankri. The distance between sankri to Dehradun is 190kms. There are public buses and shared jeeps running between Dehradun and Sankri. Dehradun is easily accessible through road, rail, and air transport. By Road Dehradun is well connected with comfortable Volvo buses run by government and private operators. You can catch luxury and normal buses to Dehradun which are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate and Anand Vihar. Also, you can hire a cab from Dehradun to Sankri at the cost of Rs 5,500. By Rail:- Nearest railway station to sankri is Dehradun. Dehradun is well connected by railway network with major destinations of India. There are many trains which runs between New Delhi and Dehradun. Some of them are DEHRADUN SHTBDI, DEHRADUN EXPRESS, NANDA DEVI EXPRESS, UJJAINI EXPRESS, MUSSOORIE EXPRESS, UTTARANCHAL EXPRESS. By Flight:- The nearest airport to Sankri is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun.
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